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Like an exquisitely engineered and well-tailored suit, the New Accord is a great fit that commands respect from every detail and element of its refreshed athletic and elegant exterior and advanced engine technology that brings you to new heights and highs.

Exterior Features

LED Headlights
The new LED headlights with dual projectors are brighter and 50% more efficient than conventional headlights.
Optimum road visibility ensures a safer drive at night.

Fog Lamps
For amplified visibility in misty and clouded areas, The All-New Accord is mounted with wide-angled fog lamps.

Side Turn Lamps
Make necessary turns on the road with enough precaution through the All-New Accord’s side turn lamps.
It allows better visibility for the cars behind and beside you whenever you make that sudden shift of lanes.

17″ Alloy Wheels
Stylish 17″ alloy wheels complement The All-New Accord’s refined look (Unique design for 3.5 SV)

LED Tail Light
Drive with better confidence at night as The All-New Accord’s LED tail lights allow rear vehicles to notice it faster and a lot clearer.

Dual Exhaust
Classy and exclusive elegance are achieved through The All-New Accord’s dual exhaust system. (For 3.5 SV)

Open up to the skies with a push of a button. The power tilt and slide sunroof is equipped with an anti-pinch feature.(For 3.5 SV)

Interior Features

Whether you want to turn up the volume of the stereo or simply answer the phone, The All-New Accord has everything within your reach with its steering wheel mounted i-MID, Bluetooth*, and audio controls. (For 3.5SV only)

Paddle Shifters
The paddle shifters put gear-shifting pleasure at your fingertips. Shift gears while keeping your hands on the steering wheel to achieve desired performance when you need it.

ECON Button
Power does not have to be wasteful. The All-New Accord comes equipped with an Econ Mode that lets the driver manipulate throttle, transmission, and air-conditioning settings to improve fuel efficiency. Furthermore, Eco Coaching Lights change from green to white depending on whether the driver is being aggressive or efficient with the throttle pedal.

Push Button Start
You can start or stop your engine with a push of a button.

i-MID Display
A large 8″ Intelligent Multi-Information Display is central to the dashboard of The All-New Accord. It clearly relays to the driver such information as vehicle and lighting settings, fuel consumption, and even the ability to save and display up to three wallpapers.

A view of the large and easy-to-read gauges allows the driver to monitor the car’s performance and vehicle information without taking his or her eyes off the road.

iPod Connectivity
Play songs as you plug in your iPod or mobile phone in the port. It also allows mobile phone charging during travel.

Power Rear Sunshade
Regulate the amount of sunlight that enters the cabin with power rear windshield sunshade and side window shades.

Rear-Side Sunshade
Regulate the amount of sunlight that enters the cabin with power rear windshield sunshade and side window shades.

Foldable Rear Seats
Expand cargo capacity and carry large cargo with ease through the Foldable Rear Seats.

Rear Aircon Vents
For superior air circulation and temperature modulation, The All-New Accord has rear AC vents for its backseat passengers.


Earth Dreams Engines
Performance and fuel efficiency are both achieved through the new i-VTEC engines with Earth Dreams Technology. Available in 2.4L and 3.5 V6.


The All-New Accord is equipped with Front Driver and Passenger, Side, and Side Curtain Airbags designed to cushion impact of passengers for a more secure trip with family and friends. (4 Airbags for 2.4S)

ABS with EBD
Prevent the wheels from locking with the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) helps distribute the braking force while on slippery terrains and during emergency situations.

G-CON Body
Enables Honda vehicles to efficiently disperse and absorb collision energy during a collision, significantly improving occupant protection.