At the Service Reception

  1. Bring the warranty booklet before going to your preferred HCMI service center. The booklet serves as our reference regarding your car’s previous preventive maintenance schedule.
  2. Remove all personal belongings from the car. The dealership will not be responsible for any valuables that may get lost or damaged while your car is being serviced.
  3. Proceed to the service bay entrance. Our friendly service guard confirms your appointment and sets the locator block. The car jockey drives your car into the service workshop.
  4. Proceed to the service reception area and get a queue slip. Your Service Advisor (SA) confirms and discusses with you your service needs, provides estimated cost and time of completion, and requests you to sign a repair order form.
  5. Return to your car and secure your personal belongings while a checklister performs car inspection. Kindly confirm inspection results and sign the checklist form.
  6. Your car is taken to the workshop for servicing. You may proceed to the customer’s lounge while waiting for your car or you may inquire at the service reception area for a shuttle service to take you to the nearest commercial business district. Your SA informs you once the service work on your vehicle is completed.
  7. SA explains the cost breakdown and asks you to confirm your invoice and sign on it.
    Proceed to the cashier’s counter and pay your bill. Fill-up a customer service survey form provided at the reception area.
  8. Proceed to the releasing area and submit the claim stub to the service guard to claim your car.
  9. Enjoy riding your newly serviced Honda vehicle!