Insurance Claims Procedure

For In-House Insurance claims:

1. Submit the following documents to the Insurance Coordinator of your preferred dealership:

  • Photocopy of insurance policy and official receipt
  • Photocopy of certificate of registration and official receipt
  • Photocopy of driver’s license and official receipt
  • Original copy of accident report (police report / notarized affidavit)

2. The Insurance Coordinator or Insurance Adjuster takes pictures of the damaged portion of the vehicle. Then, the Service Advisor estimates the cost of repair on your vehicle.

3. The Insurance Coordinator checks your documents while the Insurance Adjuster evaluates your insurance claim, which includes your participation and car depreciation.

4. For repairs worth more than Php 50,000, a Letter of Authority (LOA) is required before proceeding with the repair. However, an outright repair is done for job estimates below Php 50,000 provided the requirements indicated in item no. 1 (above) are submitted.

Accredited Insurers

  • BPI/MS Insurance Corporation
  • Mapfre Insular Insurance Corporation
  • People’s General Insurance Corporation
  • Standard Insurance Co., Inc.