Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS)

Fact: Cars age regardless of frequency and intensity of use. Hence, regular vehicle check-ups ensure that your car keeps running in its optimum condition. Preventive Maintenance Service allows the vehicle user to be closely attuned to the vehicle’s condition and provides you with the opportunity to detect common vehicle wear and tear, which may help prevent major damage to your unit.

HCMI is like your vehicle’s doctor. Through professional diagnosis and work performed on your vehicle every time you bring it in for service, you can be assured that your car is handled with your safety and welfare in mind at all times.

If you recently purchased your Honda, you are entitled to a free check-up when you reach your first 1,000 km mileage or 1 month, whichever comes first, after your purchase. If you have been enjoying your vehicle for quite some time now, just remember to bring it in for PMS every 10,000 km mileage or 6 months, whichever comes first, so we can always ensure a safe, fun, and convenient driving experience for you and your loved ones every time you use your Honda.

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