Rustproofing and Auto Detailing

Maintain your vehicle’s brand new look. HCMI offers services that will help protect your vehicle from the environment’s harmful elements.
RUSTPROOFING is the protection of car from rust which is applied under the chassis, inner fender walls, inner door side panels, hood, trunk compartment walls and trunk lid panel.

RENEWAL SERVICES entail detail cleaning of the car’s interior that covers dashboard, sidings, seats, carpet and ceiling plus cabin deodorizing that would make it look and smell brand new again. Cleaning the car’s interior would get rid of the dust, dirt, and stains.

HYDROPHILIC PAINT PROTECTION includes polishing and buffing that bring back the gloss of your vehicle’s surface. The application of hydrophilic paint prevents harsh dirt and stubborn stains from accumulating on the car’s paint. The paint sealant works to seal the original color and finish from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, and acid rain that may cause premature fading.

COMPLETE WASH includes body wash, engine detailing and under chassis wash plus free interior vacuum cleaning.

RUSTPROOFING REVALIDATION should be done yearly. Your car suffers from body flex with every bumpy ride and this causes welded metal parts to stress and create small cracks where rust can gain a foothold.

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