Warranty Claims Procedure

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) warrants that it will either repair or replace, free of charge, any part or parts of the car (excluding tires, batteries, radios, and air-con, which are covered by a separate warranty by their respective manufacturers), found to be defective either in materials or workmanship, or both, provided that:

  • The warranty claim is within the warranty period or coverage.
  • The warranty claim does not fall under any of the listed warranty exclusions provided.
  • The manufacturer’s recommended and required maintenance services and repairs, including the use of genuine Honda
  • parts and Honda specified and recommended lubricants are strictly followed.
  • The vehicle is used under normal conditions.

Steps in Making Warranty Claim

To ensure proper and speedy processing of your warranty claim, please take time out to familiarize yourself with the following steps and procedures in making a warranty claim:

  1. Take note of the date you purchased your unit and/or its kilometer reading to ensure that your warranty claim is within the warranty period as stipulated in your warranty booklet.
  2. If during the warranty period, you find something wrong, defective or abnormal with your car, please bring your unit as soon as possible, preferably to your selling dealer, or to any Honda authorized dealership nearest you, to have it checked and immediately attended to or rectified by our factory-trained technicians to avoid further damage/s to your unit.
  3. Present your Warranty Booklet to the service advisor and describe to him in the best way possible what you perceive to be wrong or abnormal with your car.
  4. Read and, if acceptable to you, sign the job order prepared by the service advisor based on the perceived abnormality you described.
  5. Thereafter, wait and/or inquire with the service advisor about the results of the technical evaluations/s or examination/s of your unit. Your service advisor is expected or obligated to explain to you in detail whether there is sufficient technical basis for what you perceived to be an abnormality in your unit.
  6. If after the technical evaluations/examinations of your unit, your perceived abnormality has been duly established and confirmed by the attending service advisor and that the warranty specialist has determined and confirmed that your claim is covered by warranty, repair and/or replacement shall be undertaken by the servicing dealer-free of charge, otherwise, any repair to be made on your unit upon your approval shall be for your own account.
  7. You are entitled to a free 1,000 km. check-up. This check-up will be performed in accordance with your Owner’s Manual at no cost incurred to you upon presentation of the Warranty Booklet.