Here’s what you need to know about the Anti-Distracted Driving Law (RA 10913)

1 The law prohibits the use of communication and entertainment devices, as well as computing gadgets when one is behind the wheel. These devices include mobile phones, tablets, two-way radios and the like.

2  Acts that are not allowed to do while driving include making or receiving phone calls through a mobile device, composing, sending or reading text messages, playing mobile games, watching movies, performing calculations, reading e-books, browsing the internet and other similar activities. Also not allowed is the use of earphones for entertainment purposes but it is allowed for accepting calls.

3 As for dashcams, it is recommended to mount them from behind the rear-view mirror.

4 The law does allow the use of the vehicle’s infotainment system (touchscreen, radio, etc.) and the use of hands-free features and accessories such as Bluetooth and similar devices.

5 Motorists can only use mobile and communication devices when they are stopped at the side of the road. This is allowed as long as the person operating the vehicle is not causing an obstruction to traffic. The use of mobile and communication devices is also permitted in case of emergencies, especially calls to authorities (Police, Fire) or medical services.


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