Honda Cars Makati, Inc. Spearheads Donation Drive to University of Makati Students

As the globe continues to grapple with the coronavirus disease 2019 (CoViD-19), businesses in the Philippines are struggling to cope forcing most to halt operations permanently or cut on operational costs such as manpower in order to keep the business running. With this speedy economic decline, the lack of abundance of career and practicum opportunities are rampant, more so to fresh college interns and graduates who lack the adequate skills, experience, and credibility to prove themselves in resumé. Couple this roadblock with challenges faced by students in the online learning platform, their burden of reality can cause a more difficult schooling which might lead them down a path of unfavorable situations.

Fortunately, the aftersales team of Honda Cars Makati, Inc. (HCMI) – through its generous effort to bridge this gap – has partnered with University of Makati last September 3, 2020 and spearheaded a donation drive that will aid the learning experience of the aspiring automotive students of the city. Among many deserving sponsees in the community, the University of Makati (UMak) was awarded the privilege of receiving PhP554K worth of thirty five (35) various brand new and genuine Honda parts. This unanimous decision to choose UMak as the most fitting institution to benefit from the drive is mainly due to the college’s continuous support in consistently providing HCMI competent and goal-oriented interns who not only excel in the work that they accomplish, but also thrive in an environment that requires excellence from its employees. Having enrolled the interns in HCMI’s Cadet Technician Program, the company was able to develop these high-achievers into vital aftersales associates deployed across various local branches.

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort was led by no less than the HCMI Deputy Functional Director for Parts, Allan M. Gerona; as well as Honda Cars Shaw (HCS) Parts Officer, Harell A. Samudio; HCMI Aftersales Training Officer, Bodjie C. Escasura; and of course, HCS Technician representing UMak Alumni Year 2014, Mark Joseph C. Andes.

The event was graced by the presence of the esteemed City Mayor of Makati and Acting University President, Hon. Abigail S. Binay via Zoom; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Elyxzur C. Ramos; Director of Center for Linkages, Career Development and Placement, Prof. Cynthia R. Jose; and Dean of the College of Technology Management, Prof. Apollo F. Mambiar.

HCMI understands that academic excellence is more than just skill and willpower from the students – it is married with adequate opportunities and sustainable materials for learning that will encourage a deeper understanding not just of the subject matter, but also of the student’s passions. At HCMI, we make it a never-ending quest to achieve the highest form of service excellence not just to our customers, but more importantly to one of the most vulnerable sections in our community during this time – the young future leaders of our society.

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